The Michigan Vacant Property Campaign

As in states throughout the United States, vacant and abandoned properties in Michigan have spread far beyond deteriorating, old, industrial cities. No community is immune to the effects of job loss, population drain and record-high foreclosures. And the parallel housing crisis has affected rural, suburban and urban communities alike.

To resolve these challenges and to strengthen Michigan’s economy, we must address the physical deterioration caused by vacant properties and preserve the places where people live, help struggling communities become stronger and help people stay in the neighborhoods they love. Our experience proves that there are successful policy interventions and strategies that can be enacted to achieve these outcomes.

Because of this, the Center for Community Progress, Community Economic Development Association of Michigan, Michigan Municipal League and Michigan Community Resources have come together to create the Michigan Vacant Property Campaign. Join us in turning the eyesores of vacant properties into opportunities for Michigan’s cities and towns, including yours!

Watch a recording of a webinar about the Michigan Vacant Property Campaign and Blight Elimination Guidebook here.